About Us

Here you will know a little about us

Our focus

Providing a simple and secure environment for transactions with digital currencies in our focus is to make new technologies more and more accessible to the general public

How did our exchange come about?

BitSahani is a well-known trading platform that has been in the market for more than 2 years, currently our systems have been refurbished to better accommodate our users.

Our current system is an expansion of our existing services in the forex market, because our initial base no longer bears our users anymore, our platform has been built to bring more space, more comfort and more security to the old and new users.

Our Goal

We want to offer you a vast amount of coins, so you will have everything you need in one place, everything simple, everything at your fingertips quickly.

Decentralized Network

All the blockchain technology in its purest form, without bureaucracy, without paperwork, a completely safe economic scenario with only a few clicks away and with all the comfort and convenience of your home or wherever you are, anywhere.

National Money

We work daily to confront banking bureaucracies to offer national investment options within the norms and laws of each country and nation around the world, always within the law.